Our heterogeneous database management solutions will help you analyze and diagnose database quality, reliability, availability and performance. Whether you have Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Sybase, MySQL or a combination, NDS delivers award-winning products that simplify and automate database management.

Microvision Infosystems database management solutions contain built-in expertise and in-depth functionality that increase productivity and quality of database application code. Our Business solutions are easy to use and can be used by all levels of developers and DBAs to address the complete lifecycle of your databases. Our core database offerings that increase performance availability include:

Code Quality and Optimization

NDS's solutions for code quality and optimization, enable you design, develop and test SQL code to optimize the quality and performance of an application before it ever reaches production.

Performance and Availability

NDS's database management technology accelerates the detection, diagnosis and resolution of business- threatening performance issues before they impact end-users and service levels. Our innovative solutions include monitoring, diagnostics, tuning, space management and high availability.

Change and Configuration

NDS's change and configuration management solutions preserve your database investment by automating and enforcing business processes for compliance. These solutions offer detailed impact analysis, patch management, version control, audit trail documentation and migration support.